STEVE FErguson

Senior Pastor

Steve Ferguson has served as the Senior Pastor of Family Worship Center for over 12 years. He is committed to training, leading and equipping the church to live a spirit-filled life that is focused on mission and is fully empowered to engage in doing what Jesus did. Leading the church in the urgency of the times, he demonstrates a genuine love for the Lord which results in doing whatever it takes to reach the lost in our own neighborhoods and all around the world.


Kathryn Ferguson 

Director | Little Blessings 

Kathryn Ferguson has a huge heart for ministry. She lovingly serves as a support alongside Steve as he pastors the church. Kathryn’s way of caring for others has led her to serve in the role of Director at Little Blessings Daycare. Whether it’s the wee-ones at the daycare, an individual within the church, or a member of the community; there’s no mistaking the depths of love that exude from Kathryn and the value that she has for every single person she meets.


Pam Gaikowski

Associate Executive Pastor

Pam Gaikowski serves in the role of the Associate Executive Pastor. Pam keeps her eye on the details of the big picture by bringing oversight to the staff and assisting in the coordination of the vision & mission of the church. In addition to time spent overseeing the big picture, Pam considers her time well spent in moments sitting across the table from others bringing encouragement to their relationship with Jesus Christ and directing them to the transforming power and life found in God’s Word.


Megan Yuill

Children's Pastor

If you’re looking to find Megan Yuill, you can spot her pretty easily. She will be the one in the midst of all the kids. Having served in the church as a young woman, Megan felt the Lord nudge her to full time ministry as Children’s Pastor in 2014. One of Megan’s greatest joys in life is to love, nurture, and help kids grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through scripture, activities, and small groups that are designed just for kids. 


David and katie RIvera 

Youth PastoRS

After meeting in Bible College and having their ministry callings confirmed, David and Katie Rivera partner together to serve as full time Youth Pastors. Knowing the mounting pressures young people are faced with every day, David and Katie are passionate about leading young people to live life in relationship with Jesus, fully committed to His Word and ready to answer the call of God on their life. 


Bob Gaikowski

Maintenance Supervisor

Bob Gaikowski has faithfully served as the Maintenance Supervisor for nearly 20 years. Whether it’s a weekly service, an extra activity or something completely unannounced, you can count on Bob to have the campus ready to go. He not only readies the campus, he lives ready to engage in meaningful conversations about the Lord with people from within the community.


Becky Mahowald

Finance Coordinator/Ministry Assistant 

Becky Mahowald serves as Financial Coordinator/Ministry Assistant. Her primary responsibility is to make sure everything lines up financially. One of Becky’s favorite numbers is the number of souls who have been transformed by the power of the Gospel and who have given their life to Jesus Christ. In the down time around her financial responsibilities, Becky can be found assisting wherever there’s a ministry need.